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Finding a qualified inspector

Consumers without an extensive knowledge of home construction and maintenance are in a tough position when it comes to hiring an inspector. It’s something that’s usually done in a hurry, sometimes even after an offer to purchase has been made. Few people have any idea about who they’ve just hired unless they live in a small community where the inspectors are known.

So how do you find the right one?

  • Don’t wait until the last minute.  Start looking for an inspector as you begin to look for a home.
  • Ask around to see if family or friends know an inspector they trust.
  • Your real estate agent may make a recommendation. If you trust your agent, get in touch with them.
  • Check the internet to find an inspector and see if there is any feedback online about them from happy or unhappy clients.
  • Ask the inspectors for their credentials and references. One inspector with 16 years experience and many recognized credentials said no one has ever asked him about his education. The person you’re about to hire should be a good communicator. You should ask what they did before they became a home inspector.

About Author: Vahid

Vahid Azari is a Registered Home Inspector (RHI) of “Ontario Association of Home Inspectors” (OAHI), Registered Home Inspector of “Canadian Association of home and property Inspectors” (CHAPI), Certified Inspector of “American Society of Home Inspectors” (ASHI), Certified Energy Advisor (CEA) of “Natural resource of Canada” (NRCan), Certified Building Thermographer for (IR) Infra-red Camera, and Certified Mold Inspector.