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How does a Realtor help sell my property?

Selling a home isn’t a simple procedure. It involves plenty of legal knowledge to avoid costly mistakes.  An experienced Realtor will use their skills, resources and time to sell your home in the least amount of time and for the best possible price.

From listing your property at the right time, sell at the right price, and market to the right people; a Realtor will ensure that you get the most out of your home.


One of the things to consider when listing your home is to determine the right time to sell. If there are fewer homes for sale in your area, it becomes a ‘seller’s market’ because the seller has something that buyers want. There are fewer choices available for buyers. Consequently, it becomes possible to sell fast and at a top price. With a Realtor, you can find the right price-to-speed ratio.


Listing at the right time and listing at the right price matters too. If you list too high, there’s no sale; too low and you could lose your investment. By listing high while your neighbours list low, the market becomes a ‘buyer’s market’. By giving buyers more options in an area to buy, it minimizes the chances of selling over market value homes. Therefore, the importance of listing at the right price is crucial in saving time and money.


Besides the time and price affecting the sale of a home, other factors that can influence the speed of a sale is a Realtor’s brand and marketing technique. Every Realtor uses different methods to advertise a home. From promoting through flyers, open houses (refer to question #10), newspaper ads, magazines, (refer to question #3), the MLS database (refer to question #3), or through the Realtors network, the style used can locate the right buyers instantly.


Selling during the right time, right price, and marketed the right way are just some of the methods used to sell a property effectively. With each seller’s situation being unique, different techniques and approaches can be used to fit the seller’s needs. Find a Realtor suitable to your needs and whom you feel comfortable and confident with.

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