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What is an open house?

There are two different types of open houses. One can be held for the general public and another for real estate agents only.

An “Open House” is a traditional way of showcasing a sale of residential real estate to potential buyers. Usually an open house markets the home to members of the public without an appointment. They are commonly held on weekends to capture greater traffic because people are usually off of work on the weekends. Advertising for an open house to the general public could be anything from signs commonly left on the corners of streets, to advertisements on a host of popular real estate sites (www.Realtor.ca).

A “Real Estate Agent Open House” is another open house alternative. It is specifically for licensed real estate agents and their interested clients. This type of open house narrows down the amount of people and brings in serious buyers.

If you decide to host an open house for your property, focus on staging your home accordingly. Your Realtor should have on hand feature sheets outlining the advantages of your home and any other marketing material that may help sell your house!

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