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What home preparations should I consider when selling my property?

When selling your home, there are a few things to consider: prepare yourself mentally, de-personalize, de-clutter, re-arrange/edit furniture, and repair whatever you can. You’ll need to revitalize the home to ensure that it looks the best that it can. The goal is to sell quickly and to profit as much as possible.


By making the mental decision to let go of memories made in the home, it will help you cope better during the process of selling. If you’re not mentally prepared, you’ll become frustrated, tired and stressed from the whole process. You’ll quit very quickly and possibly sell at regrettable price out of desperation. Stay focused and let go; remember that your home is now a commodity.


The sense of comfort your home brings to you might not be valuable to others. Consider hiring a professional home staging company to help you remove any ‘characteristics’ that might not appeal to others. Focus on making changes reflecting contemporary and neutral styles to attract a greater audience of homebuyers.


Along with de-personalizing, consider de-cluttering the home. The approach of less is more holds truth- buyers can more easily visualize themselves in a home when the space has less of the owner’s belongings.


Other simple arrangements that can influence the space is the rearrangement of furniture or the addition of furniture. It can potentially change the atmosphere of an environment or provide a better visual appearance to a vacant property.


Repairing small defects such as fixing creaky doors, peeling paint, changing broken light fixtures, can significantly increase the value of a home. Buyers have a tendency to notice small details, and can quickly cross off houses that aren’t ‘properly’ cared for. Fixing what you can will minimize the number of flaws to potential homebuyers.


When preparing your home, always remember that the first impression is the most important. Work on revitalizing your home from the exterior to the interior. Ensure that the curb appeal is immaculate- so buyers will feel invited and anxious to see the rest of your home. For more information on preparing yourself to sell, please refer to question #9 on home staging. For further assistance, consult in a Realtor for professional advice and services on specific changes you need to make to increase the value of the sale of your home.

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