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What questions should I ask when looking for a Realtor?

Please see below for some suggested questions to ask a Realtor when you are looking to sell your home. Remember to compile a list of questions suited to your needs.

How long have you been in the business for?

Newly licensed Realtors can complete the job and have up-to-date training. But those in the business longer can bring more traditional and practical experiences.


Do you work Full-Time or Part-Time as a Realtor?

Part-Time Realtors can be just as knowledgeable as a Full-Time Realtor. And it can cost you less. However, how much time would you like your Realtor to commit when selling your home?


What percentage of your clients are buyers vs. sellers?

Finding a Realtor who focuses on one type of clientele might bring further expertise.


How many homes have you listed in the past year?

Longevity in Real Estate is difficult to maintain. Find a Realtor who is up-to-date on the market and consistently active.


What areas/regions do you specialize in?

Some Realtors specialize in certain areas. A Realtor focusing in a specific area could potentially have a seller/buyer waiting.


What separates you from your competition?

Marketing resources, exclusive databases, or network of services (recommended bank lender, mortgage broker, appraiser, lawyer, home stager, photographer).


Will I be working with you directly?

Some Realtors have assistants or work with other team members. Would you mind if some aspects of your transaction were assigned to an assistant or team member? Ensure that you get along with the other individuals who work with your Realtor.


What type of marketing would you do?

If you’re looking to sell, see how the Realtor advertises and markets (flyers, door-to-door knocking, open houses, Internet websites, and/or newspaper ads).


Do you have any marketing materials I can review?

If you’re looking to sell, does the Realtor’s marketing material look professional? Does his/her style suit you and your home?


How much do you charge for your services?

Real estate fees or commission is negotiable and may vary.


What if I’m unhappy with the service?

If you sign a Listing Agreement or Buyer Representation Agreement with the Realtor and later decide that you are unhappy with the arrangement, will the Realtor let you cancel the agreement?


Can you provide references?

Insight from past clients can help you learn more about the agent and can comfort you at a greater level.


May I review documents that I will be asked to sign?

You should know the details of everything you sign. Ensure that the Realtor you choose will patiently explain all the questions you have. As well, always request for a copy of all the documents you sign.


How would you define your negotiating approach?

Easygoing or aggressive? If you don’t agree with the Realtors technique, chances are you won’t be happy when he/she represents you during negotiations.


How did you arrive at the listing or offer price?

Ensure that the Realtor justifies the price he/she suggests.


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